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HMDA Bank Name – Respondent ID crosswalk (2007-2016)

Starting in 2018, HMDA replaced their vague Respondent ID’s with better identifiers (LEIs). But if you are working with pre-2018 data, merging loan records with banks was a hassle. I couldn’t find a complete crosswalk of bank and respondent id year-by-year for all banks who reported. (although Woodstock Institute has major banks crosswalked here: link). So I created them for 2007 through 2016. Will add 2017 when I get to it. Further, I will probably get to LEIs at some point, unless someone can point me where I can get a FULL list of LEIs/respondent IDs crosswalked. See  dropbox link. Also, note that you have to merge on both respondent ID and agency code to merge to the LAR. Let me know any errors you find.

PhD Dissertation Template for LaTeX

Like many others, I wrote three papers (on LaTeX) for my dissertation. At the end, I had to combine all three LaTeX files and format them to appease Columbia’s dissertation czars. A few Ph.D. students have asked me for a latex template that combines all three papers, so I might as well share it here. I spent a long time playing around with different formatting and ways to do so, so hopefully this template can help some of you out. It’s not perfect and can be improved on so feel free to do so and let me know what you did. It should conform to Columbia’s dissertation requirements, at the least. Just remember to check up on Columbia’s latest requirements (or whatever school you’re at). Download here: dissertation_latex_template

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