bio-photo-chanHello, welcome to my academic website. I currently hold the appointment of Assistant Professor of Statistics and Public Policy at Babson College. After completing my Ph.D. in Economics & Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, I now apply microeconomics and causal inference methods to answer relevant questions in education policy. In particular, a large portion of my current research agenda thinks about the reasons how educational programs, information, and policies affect the behavioral responses of stakeholders. Some examples of questions I try to answer credibly in my research are:

  • How do parents and other stakeholders respond behaviorally to education quality, additional information, and/or beliefs of their child’s abilities? And how might these further affect educational outcomes?
  • What are the behavioral mechanisms (i.e., student motivation, parental beliefs) underlying how gifted and talented programs may affect students? Are these programs actually affecting human capital, and do they have some signaling effect?
  • How do college instructors behave in response to an institution’s evaluation criteria? How might evaluation policies affect instructor and student effort?

When I am not spending his time on my research, I spend time reading the Bible, learning to be a good husband and father of a beautiful daughter, and playing my guitar. Originally from Boston, my interest in solving educational problems stems from the time I spent as an inner city student and my time after college working for the Boston Public School system as an Education Pioneers Analyst Fellow. I also have a B.S. from Babson College, a M.A. from Teachers College, M.Phil from Columbia (TC), and a Ph.D. from Columbia. I previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Boston Public Schools.

I may be reached at echan1@babson.edu or on twitter at @ericwchan. If you work for a school district, I have ongoing partnerships with multiple school districts to help them design and assess their parent engagement programs independently. Feel free to contact me if that is something you are seeking.


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