bio-photo-chanHello, welcome to my academic website. I currently hold the appointment of Assistant Professor of Statistics and Public Policy at Babson College. After completing my Ph.D. in Economics & Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, I now apply microeconomics and quantitative methods to answer research relevant policy questions in education policy, labor economics, housing, and inequality. In 2016, I won the Columbia Committee on the Economics of Education (CCEE) Prize for best research paper by a PhD student in the field of Economics of Education. In addition to my studies, I have also taught courses in quantitative methods at Babson College and applied economics and quantitative courses at Columbia University.

When I am not spending his time on my research, I spend time reading his Bible, learning to be a good husband and father of a beautiful daughter, and playing my guitar. Originally from Boston, my interest in solving educational problems stems from the time I spent as an inner city student and my time after college working for the Boston Public School system as an Education Pioneers Analyst Fellow. I also have a B.S. from Babson College, a M.A. from Teachers College, M.Phil from Columbia (TC), and a Ph.D. from Columbia. I previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Boston Public Schools.

I may be reached at echan1@babson.edu or on twitter at @ericwchan. If you work for a school district and have data that needs to be analyzed or programs that needs to be assessed, feel free to contact me and I can see what I can do for you.


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